Simpson Strong Tie HD5B Bolted Hold Down Anchor

  • Can be installed directly on the sill plate or raised above it
  • Galvanized for extra corrosion resistance
  • Designed to provide loads for intermediate-load-range shear walls, braced-wall panels and lateral applications
  • Made from 10 gauge steel
  • Install with 5/8-inch anchor bolt and 5/8-inch stud machine bolts

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No. 1

Nicholson Flat Needle File with Handle, Swiss Pattern, Double Cut, Rectangular, #4 Coarseness, 5-1/2" Length

  • Rectangular shape needle file for smoothing and shaping straight surfaces in fine work, with tapered width to ease access in slots
  • Swiss pattern precision file for removal of material on delicate or intricate parts
  • Double-cut teeth on both sides for rapid removal of material
  • Single-cut teeth on one edge for finishing, sharpening, and deburring, and no teeth on other edge to protect adjacent surfaces
  • Knurled round handle for grip
No. 2

Blunt Tip Plastic Tapered Dispensing Fill Needle 22ga X 1.25 Blue 50pcs

    No. 3

    SPONGENATOR Kitchen Scrubbing Sponges - Heavy Duty Non-Scratch Scrubbing Cleaner Sponges in 1 Color - Multi-Surface Non-Metal Dish Scouring Scrubbers for Fast Cleaning. 12pack

    • CLEANING SPONGES THAT DONu2019T SCRATCH: Are you looking for an effective kitchen sponge that can clean the grease and dry stains without damaging the glass, plastic, metal and smooth non-stick surfaces? These dish scrubbers are made with scratch proof materials, so that your dishware and cookware will remain as good as new. Key Product Features
    • CLEAN ANY ITEM AND SURFACE: You can use these truly multipurpose dish sponges to clean many different kinds of items, materials and surfaces, including pans, dishes, silverware, plastic ware, Teflon, windows, microwaves, ovens, cars, wood, china dishes, copper, showers, sinks, guns, shoes and more.
    • SAVE MONEY AND EFFORT: You only need a small amount of soap and water when you use these premium pot scrubbers. You will then be able to clean any surface thoroughly and effortlessly! To clean the used scrubber sponge, simply rinse it and squeeze it, or put it in the dishwasher. These non-scratch sponges challenge any cooking mess!
    • DURABLE LONG LASTING MATERIALS: Unlike metal scrub sponges that rust easily, these polyester and polyurethane cleaner sponges will stain in excellent condition for up to 3 months (500 uses). Each set includes 6 scrubber pads in silver and gold, so you wonu2019t have to buy a new pack anytime soon!
    No. 4

    3 sets of 2 Skirt and Slack Hanger Clamp white (7'Hx 11"W) by Merrick Engineering

      No. 5

      2% Thoriated TIG Welding Tungsten Electrodes 3/32? x7? 10-Pack

        No. 6

        12 Kinds Small Screw & Nut Assortment Kit 600 Pcs Stainless Steel Tiny Screw nut Repair Tool for Sunglass Cell Phone Watch

        • Description :12 Kinds of tiny Stainless Steel Screws Electronics Assortment Kit. With plastic case, a handy accessory and ideal tool kits.
        • Application :ideal for repairing eyeglasses, sunglasses, watches, cell phones, clock, Spectacles and other precise devices.
        • Models Quantity: M1.2 nut 50pcs M1.4 nut 50pcs M1.0 x 3.6 50pcs M1.2 x 3.6 50pcs M1.4 x 2.4 50pcs M1.4 x 2.6 50pcs M1.4 x 2.8 50pcs M1.4 x 3.0 50pcs M1.4 x 4.0 50pcs M1.4 x 4.5 50pcs M1.4 x 6 50pcs M1.6 x 4.5 50pcs Total 600pcs
        • Material: The screws and nuts are made from stainless steel which are rust resistance and oxidation resistance.
        • Package Included :1 x Small Screws Nuts Assortment Kit (include 600pcs screws & nuts)
        No. 7

        Innovative Components AN4X4000T5-D-21 2.00 T Knob w/ 1/4" diameter X 3-3/4" effective length detent pin steel zinc

        • Commonly used for quick action ,reliable fastening solutions.
        • Spring action detent ball provides secure retention for all your moving adjustment applications.
        • Ball and T Handle Styles make for better grip than standard split ring detent pins and add a visual upgrade to unsightly rings.
        • AN4X4000T5-D-21
        No. 8

        Stens 285-532 Caster Yoke, Exmark

        • Package length: 11.049 cm
        • Package width: 28.447 cm
        • Package height: 48.133 cm
        • Product Type:MATERIAL HANDLING
        No. 9

        Prime-Line 9056484 Hex Lag Screws, 3/8 in. X 5 in., Grade 18-8 Stainless Steel, 10-Pack

        • Size: 3/8 inch X 5 inch
        • Heavy duty wood screw with 6 sided hex bolt head
        • Features deep wood screw threads and does not accept a nut
        • Used in applications where standard wood screws cannot support the load (deck building, etc.)
        • Requires pilot hole to be drilled and installs using wrench or socket tool
        No. 10

        M6 - D 4.4 cm (D 1.73") Strong Transparent Screw Suction Cup Hook,5 Piece/Pack,Cap Nut

          No. 11

          Toto THU4127 Cartridge for Pb Valve

          • Toto Thu4127 Cartridge For Pb Valve
          • Elegant Design And Finish
          • Made In European Union
          • Brand Name: Toto
          No. 12

          (Pack of 6) 4 Inch Matte Black Hager Door Hinges with 5/8" Radius Corners

          • Pack of 6 Matte Black Door Hinges with Matching Screws for Installation
          • Full Mortise Door Hinge
          • 4 Inches by 4 Inches
          • Smooth operating Plain Bearing Hinge
          • Genuine Kesler Brand Hinges
          No. 13

          IRWIN Installer Drill Bit for Wood, Straight Shank, 18-Inch x 5/8-Inch (1890713)

            No. 14

            Door Stops for Wall Spring Door Stopper with White Rubber Bumper Protect Your Walls 10 Pc

            • Solid, inexpensive replacement. The wire is heavy gauge and very springy. An accidental kick or bump should cause no problems, it will just spring back as if nothing happened. Durable enough to survive your kids and dogs.
            • The spring door stopper provides a nice look to go along with the door knobs. Retrofit your entire house with these and they look and work great.
            • The wall stopper stops your door from hitting your wall. It will protect the sheetrock behind the doors as expected. Patched it up and installed this to help cut down on wall and door damage. No more hole from the door knob your my wall.
            • Easy to install. The screw for each door stops are located inside the pieces. Just untwist the bottom and shack the screws out. All you need is a screwdriver and three minutes of time.
            • The 3M white rubber door bumper is a Useful wall guard and protector for bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, classroom, office and even for some refrigerator, drawer etc.
            No. 15

            Industrial Grade 12U067 Polishing Bonnet, 7 In, Terry Cloth

              No. 16

              Osborn 1111251572 Cutting/Cut-Off Disc, T01, 4-1/2" x 0.045" x 7/8", A+ 60, Advanced Aluminum Oxide, 13280 RPM, 4.5" Diameter, 4.5" Type (Pack of 25)

              • Pack of 25: Pack of 25 metal/stainless cutting wheels
              • Cutting Wheel: Versatile wheel that performs well on carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum and many other materials
              • Aluminum Oxide Cut-off Wheel: Aluminum oxide abrasive grains - tough grains allow the grinding wheel to cut fast and enhances productivity
              • Safe to Use: Cut-off wheel features reinforced resin-bonded design that provides safety and durability
              • For Use on Power Tools: Use on angle grinder, pneumatic grinder, die grinder, hand grinder, corded grinder, cordless grinder, air grinder, air angle grinder and fillet weld grinder
              No. 17

              Fevas Hydraulic Punching Mould CH-70 Elliptical Hole/Word Long Hole Hydraulic Punching Dies Manual Punch die - (Color: Light Purple, Specification: Word Long Hole)

                No. 18

                Nifty Products SA480 1/2" Steel Strapping Crimper, Black

                • Steel strapping crimper
                • Heavy duty for tough steel strapping applications
                • Double down notch type
                • Featured in the SSK48 steel strapping kit
                • Black color
                No. 19

                nGenius Christmas Ornament Storage Box with Drawers for 27 Large Ornaments

                • Holds at least 27 large ornaments safely and securely in separate compartments
                • Convenient Drawers - each level is a separate drawer holding 9+ ornaments!
                • Adjustable cardboard dividers accomodate a variety of sizes
                • Sturdy carrying handles for easy lifting & storage
                • Rigid structure for light stacking of additional storage boxes
                No. 20

                Blue Angel Pumps SSF33S 1/3 HP Premium Series Submersible Stainless Steel Sump Pump

                • Corrosion Resistant Stainless Steelu00a0 Motor Housing and Fasteners For Long Life in Toughu00a0Sump Applications
                • Top Suction Design Eliminates Air Locks and Minimizes Clogging from Debris in the Bottomu00a0of the Sump Pit
                • Reliable Thermoplastic Impeller for Maximum Water Flow
                • 1-1/2 in. NPT Discharge for Easy Installation and Compliance with Building Codes
                • For Use In 11 in. Diameter or Larger Sump Basins